ASWSU Student Legal Services


  • When does Student Legal Services Close?

    Student Legal Services is closed during the first week of the semester and again following dead week. SLS also closes during university recognized holidays and delays.


  • Do I, as a facility member of Washington State University, have access to the attorney?

      No. Unfortunately Student Legal Services provides legal consultations to current WSU students only.


  • As a remote student, grad student, or student from another WSU branch (WSU Tri-Cities, Vancouver, & Global campus), do I have access to 30 minute free consultations as well?

      Yes. Provided that you are a current student at WSU, you are indeed entitled to our services and attorney.


  • Can I hire the attorney to represent me?

      Yes. Our attorney can provide representation to wsu students at a discounted price.


  • Will any of my information be shared?

      No. Interns working in our office adhere to a strict confidentiality standard in addition to standards enforced in accordance with their FERPA training. At no point will your information be discussed, duplicated, or distributed outside our office.


  • What do I need to bring to my appointment with the attorney?

      Any information relevant to your consultation or legal documentation as it relates to the nature of your visit.


  • Can I bring a friend to my consultation?


     No. Unless other person’s are directly involved in the nature of your visit, please refrain from bringing guests to your consultation.


  • Who can apply for your internship?

      Students of all grade levels and disciplines are encouraged to apply to our internships. Although the internship for credit is offered only through specific departments, see Student Legal Services internships, our internship is available to all ambitious and motivated students.


  • Is there a GPA requirement for the Student Legal Service’s internship?

      No. Although we like to see high-achieving students apply for our internship, Student Legal Services evaluates students on a holistic basis. Further information about this can be found under Student Legal Services Internship


  • What happens if I have a conflict of interest or your attorney can’t help me?

      Students with a conflict of interest or in need of assistance with a topic of law our attorney does not provide will be referred to another law office in Pullman or service at WSU that may be able to help.