ASWSU Student Legal Services

  I S S U E S  W E  H A N D L E



With extensive knowledge of the legal field, our licensed attorney is capable of providing legal advice on many facets of the law. As such, the issues ASWSU Student Legal Services handles, and what that may entail, is as followed:

  • Landlord-Tenant Related Issues
  • Business Related Issues
  • Traffic (Parking, Speeding, Accident, Insurance, Other)
  • Wills (Drafting, Collecting, Other)
  • International (Passports, Marriage, Work Permits, Citizenship, Consumer, Other)
  • Court (Process, Evidence, Other)
  • Contracts (Landlord-Tenant, Business, Personal, Other)
  • Tax (Business, Personal, Other)
  • Criminal (Theft, D.U.I, Drugs, Environment, Assault, Other)
  • Civil (Labor, Injury, Property, Other)
  • Family (Divorce, Child Support, Paternity, Property, Child Care, Domestic Violence, Other)
  • Bankruptcy (Drafting, Collecting, Credit, Other)


Issues ASWSU Student Legal Services DOES NOT handle are areas dealing with taxes maritime, debtor bankruptcy, immigration and notarizations. If we determine we are not able to provide you with legal advice, SLS may still be able to refer you to another law office that can adequately assist you. Consulate our referrals page for more information.