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Internships with Student Legal Services are available on both a volunteer and for-credit basis. Students seeking to intern as a volunteer must commit to a minimum of three office hours per week. Students seeking an internship for credit can do so as part of CCGRS, Criminal Justice or Political Science departments, and must complete a minimum of eight office hours per week in addition to coursework in accordance with the requisite credit internship program. Credit internships, contingent upon an offer, must be approved by both your advisor and the department you seek the internship from.

To Apply

Please read through and sign our policies, complete the application, and submit hard copies of both to our office in CUB 305 along with a resume and a cover letter that details your interest in an internship with Student Legal Services. A competitive applicant will have a well-crafted resume and cover letter, as well as demonstrate leadership qualities and campus involvement. Questions about what constitutes a professional resume and cover letter, as well as how to ensure your application is reflective of these requirements, can be address at the Undergraduate Writing Center located in CUE 303. Students will have the opportunity to apply every semester, depending on vacant spots in the office.

Applications for Spring 2020 Are Now Closed!

However, ASWSU Student Legal Services still take internship applications on a rolling basis. Contingent on vacancies throughout the semester, prospective applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview. You may submit your application in-person at CUB 305 M-F 9-5 pm or via email at  

SLS Internship Application & Policies

Spring 2020 Internship Application

Internship Policies