ASWSU Student Legal Services

  S C H E D U L I N G  A N  A P P O I N T M E N T


To schedule an appointment with our attorney, students may come into the Student Legal Services office, located in CUB 305, or call (509-335-9539) and one of our interns will take you through the intake process. Once the process is complete, our intern will provide you with our attorney's office hours for the week in order to schedule an appointment that best suites your availability. If Student Legal Services is awaiting our attorney's available office hours or our attorney's office hours are not ideal for that particular week, students may also request to be notified, via call or email, the moment Student Legal Services obtains our attorney's available office hours for the following week. In extreme circumstances that require immediate attention, students may also request to have their contact information forwarded directly to our attorney for a consultation at his earliest convenience. Such circumstances will be determined at the discretion of our interns.

Intake Forms

As part of the intake process, students seeking an appointment with ASWSU Student Legal Services will need to provide our interns with their basic personal information, WSU student ID number, and a brief description of why they are seeking legal services.

Conflicts of Interest

Student Legal Services is an entity of Washington State University. The employees of SLS are, thus, employees of the University. Therefore, we are unable to give legal advice on cases that deal with:

Washington State University (issues with other University offices, such as the Center for Community Standards, Office of Financial Aid, etc.)

WSU Student vs. WSU Student

WSU Student vs. WSU Faculty or Staff