ASWSU Student Legal Services

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The purpose and intent of Student Legal Services shall be to service the legal needs for current students at Washington State University through 30-minute consultations with the SLS attorney at no cost. To represent student interests, needs, welfare within the University community on legal issues affecting student life. To maintain confidentiality and the utmost professionalism at all times regarding clients and their cases, whether it is in the office or outside the office. Student Legal Services shall be politically non-partisan when discussing legal cases.

ASWSU Student Legal Services incorporates intern committees tasked with running various elements of our organization. These committees coordinate with classrooms, student organizations, and departments to disseminate information about the services SLS provides and upcoming events. In addition, our committees also run our social media and intern appreciation events throughout the year. Welcome Spring 2020 committees!


Outreach Committee

Social Media Committee

Internship Committee

Greek Committee

Sponsorship Committee